Fishermans Pie

Im bored so i thought id show you my famous fishermans pie.

fillet of smoked fish (i usually use haddock because its cheap)
fillet of white fish meat
Tinned salmon or tuna
frozen peas
1 onion (chopped)
Chedder cheese
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil

Right so to start chop up the fish fillets and tinned fish (i use tinned as well as fillets because i like the keep the fillets in chunks and the tinned flakey) and place them in a pan and cover with milk, dont bring to the boil as the milk will separate but let it simmer, then add the cloves (i use 4 because i like the taste, esp in the winter because it always reminds me of christmas. But you can use 2 if you like a milder taste), onion and olive oil (just a teaspoon) leave to simmer for half an hour.

Meanwhile chop up your potatoes and put on the boil in salted water, do as many potatoes as you wish i always do about 5 large as i like alot of potatoes and my dish is quite big.

Take you fishy mix off the hob and sive the contents but keep the fishy liquid. Then place the butter in the pan to melt it and add the flour sirring (i use a whisk but you dont have to) so you make a roux, next add your fishy liquid and keep on the heat still sirring so it thickens then add your nutmeg, parsley (be generous with both), peas, fish and shrimps (put the shimps in at the last minute because if they cook for too long they go chewy). When its all mixed together place in your dish. Remember to take you the cloves- i ALWAYS do and someone usually get a big bite of a clove and its not the nicest.

Take the potatoes off the hob, drain and mash. mix with milk and butter (or cream if your feeling naughty) i always put some chedder in the mash as well as on top as it gives it a richer flavour. To make your mash super smooth i use an electric whisk for 2 minutes at the end.

You want the top of the mash to be a bit spikey so that it was chrispen in the oven, so just run a fork opver the top, sprinkle with cheese.

You can leave this for a few hours until your ready to cook it, then just put it in the oven at about 190 degrees for 30 mins or 45 if youve let it cool.


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