Job seeker.

Yes im part of the million strong crowd.
i HATE it, i try to find jobs, i go for interviews and get promised jobs, i hand out my CV again and again and again to no avail. What am i supposed to do?
I stand in line once every fortnight to say to somebody: no i havent done any work in the last 2 weeks (rub it in why dont you), and everyone just satres at each other with dead eyes (probally because i sign on on a friday and everyones hungover, i know i usually am, having to stop myself throwing up on the desk!)
Most people drink to just escape for a night and im not suprised these people turn into alcholics, im thinking about it myself, ive lost ALL motivation, i want to do stuff but i just cant find it in myself to do it.
Anyways im off to post a letter. blahhhhhhhhh


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