Relationships from a singletons point of view.

Im going to talk about it again i have a lot to say on this subject.

I have pretty clear eyes at the moment(maybe a little bitter an jealous but pretty much clear, im wearing non UV protective shades) and you people dont know how lucky you are! You can actually feel something, even if its pain. I personally am completely numb, which is boring and only boring people get bored.

I was discussing with a friend earlier:
People seem to get into relationships because thy are bored with their life, they need discraction but they dont really have feelings for this person. i know because ive been there and done that.

People just put up with SHIT because they would rather that than be alone or they think their not good enough for anyone that would treat them nicely (im not sure if this counts for me because i dont last very long with people that are actually nice to me!)

Guys just seem to look for girls that tick the right boxes, which is mainly- for alot of guys:
Hot.. check
Can hold an alright conversation..check
Sucks dick..check

Girls look for so much more than that…well some dont. i do. this is my check list:
Not a complete social retard
Got a job
I wanna rip their clothes off
Actually thinks twice about me.
Doesnt cheat.

Is that too much to ask?
Maybe i just dont wanna waste me time.

Although having said all that i have friends that are in relationships and sure they argue but their awesome to hang out with and i love them being together.

Ill stop my moaning now.


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