Single Life.

So i’ve been single for nearing on 3 years now, and people say “its because you travel too much” or “you just havent found the right one.” And my mother says “you dont want to settle down when your 21 anyway”. Well this is all very true but i dont actually care, I’m not a massive attenion seeker, yes i talk alot…very loudly, but sometimes a girl needs to feel like shes wanted. And i dont, i havent for years, its depressing, am i the only one who has crushes on people????

When i was living away in Toronto i met a guy that i could have spent the rest of my life with, he was funny and pretty and into the same music and things as me, i want to rip his clothes off and he actually seemed quite into me. Unfortunatly he had a missus (who was a lawyer!!). So i did find one of the “right ones” just not at the right time.

I REALLY dont understand people that go from relationship to relationship just because their lonely, dont get me wrong IM lonely (why do you think im writing this?) but i get annoyed with people too quickly, i get that spark with hardly anyone, when i do its usually with someone i cant have (maybe that says something?). Theres this one girl i know (not naming any names)and i dont think shes been single for more than a couple of weeks her whole life. Odd.

Maybe its the fact that i think im too good for anyone, which i dont think is right because i dont have the biggest ego known too man.

Anywho i currently have a crush on a friend im sure itll go away in a few weeks as he lives far away. But it still kinda hurts when i know all i wanna do is look after him and touch him up, and last time i saw him he was so sweet to me.

What turns men off me? Im loud, annoying at times, party too much? drink too much? smoke? no job (thats a biggy i guess), dont drive, dont have my own place. Urgh the more i write the more its becoming apparent why i am single, I wouldnt even wanna date me.

But then again ive got to count my blessings as i dont have to answer to anyone, i can do my own thing, talk to any boys, dress how i like, have no arguements.

Suppose its not all bad. Sometimes id just like a hug and cuddle, which i did get off my crush and made me feel like i was high. 🙂

ok that enough for one day. Dont feel too sorry for me.
Ta ra


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