Im not answering that damn phone.

because..well just because.

I talked to my friend last night that i thought id made a mess of our frendship and he seems ok with me, but you never can tell with that one. I dont want to fall out with him as i cherish our friendship so much i really enjoy spending time with him, i need to stop getting drunk around him though 😦 its ok if he’s drinking too but if hes getting stoned i have to drink because i get bored otherwise.

I also need to learn how to know when im over staying my welcome. Ive been getting better of late but…i dunno maybe im just a bit para.

Maybe we should only hang out in the day then i wouldnt get drunk and shout at him 😦

We once had an amazing time in london together and we went to leamington a few months ago and it was the most pointless trip but it was funnnn. I miss our good times together and want them back 😦


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