Lovely weekend.

Went to sheffield this weekend and went to a night called Frozac, which was awesome. Although my friends kept disappearing but that gave me the chance to meet some lovely people, i didnt actually buy one drink in there hah i just kept getting handed them, which probally isnt the savest way to go about things but i was brassic.

A lovely boy was helping run the night and I’d met him once before (and he tried to kiss me but i wasnt in the right situation to be kissing people) but id seen him around a lot before. I ended up spending most of the weekend with him which i wasnt complaining about, Id always thought he was totally out of my league but aparently not, he said the sweetest things to me and actually made me feel about a million dollaass (apart from when i was hungover and felt like a poop), i cant wait to see where this is going to go, he’s suggested some things but i dont want to put pressure on it yet. I cant wait to see him again. Its annoying that he lives so far away and i ave to go work in scotland this summer 😦 thats why i cant really get into anything at the moment. ohhh well we’ll see.


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