I dont care….

Why do i care what people think about me, i mean i dont care about the general public, i couldnt give a shit about those people, but my friends, why do i care what they think, even people that arent my friends just people i know. I shouldnt really, well i suppose i should with my friends after all they are my friends but people that i know that i dont even like sometimes, i care what they think, i shouldnt spend time even thinking about them. Some people that ive spent years trying to impress, its never gonna happen, and i want to give up and not give a shit anymore but i do.

On another note i HATE people that care what the general public think, i mean really, your never gonna see these people again, im not saying get naked and run down the street but there is no need to dress a certain way to impress people that arent your friends??? Am i being totally hypocritical? I know what i mean anyways.

On another another note, yesterday i had a lovely meal with some of my boys and it was such a lovely day (although i felt like a lad because we ate then watched football then had a nap) all cooked for us by my ex, but we’re friends now. So today im cooking a mexican for them again because a couple of them have a day off and the others will come home after work. I would take pictures but my dads taken the camera to turkey, where there has just ben a landslide(worrying). My brothers also just gone to Israel for a job-hes a gigolo- nah not really aha yeh, and his plane got hit by lightning (worrying), my mums in london and im stuck here, lovely.

BBBUUUTTT the scouser is home soon and were gonna have a day out to the races in liverpool when shes back wheeeyyy.

ta raxx



  1. Carmel Said:

    i hope your dad and brother are alrighttt

    i need to see you soon
    it’s been a while!

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